My name is Mark Slatem ,also known as #trentster on freenode and @trentster on twitter. I am a SmartOS, ZFS and technology enthusiast living in Melbourne Australia. I have been using ZFS and Virtualization in business environments for many years. I have always wanted to run full hardware based virtualization natively on top of ZFS. Now with the release of SmartOS I finally have that option.  I can generally be found hanging out in channels #smartos, #project-fifo and #omnios on irc.

SmartCore is my main outlet for SmartOS, ZFS, WordPress, SEO and other inspired writings and tends to cover a wide range of topics that interest me.

My day job, involves WordPress / SEO and digital outreach and SmartOS consulting. I wear scleral contact lenses due to complications from laser eye surgery, if any of you are considering it I urge you to think very carefully and just keep your glasses, your vision is precious.

This blog is my attempt to share my tips and experience with SmartOS, ZFS, OmniOS and other technology topics that I am passionate about. SmartOS – although fairly new, is underpinned by many years of Solaris development. There are a lot of game changing capabilities in SmartOS that makes it very interesting for people who are serious about implementing alternative non proprietary virtualization technologies.

More and more SmartOS  content is now available as members of the community start posting articles, guides and how-to’s. This blog is my attempt to add to that momentum. I’m looking forward to teaching people the many benefits SmartOS can bring to their Virtualization activities. It is also a good way to force myself to keep notes of stuff that I may need again later. I am also happy to put up other peoples blogposts on this site in an attempt to consolidate useful information in a single repository. Just drop me a message if you have something you would like to put up.

I hope you find the information useful, and would love to hear your feedback?

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