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Mark, a self-confessed coffee addict, Sci-fi enthusiast and Nature lover. Found most days perched in front of his Macbook - playing with cool web stuff. He lives in gorgeous Melbourne Australia with his wife and son. When not working he can be found reading a book or strolling on the beach listening to podcasts. Follow @trentster

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Migrate KVM SmartOS vm’s to remote Nodes

I am sure some of you are wondering how to migrate or move individual SmartOS Virtual Machines from one SmartOS Server Node to another. This may be necessary in certain situations such as: Backup and Disaster Recovery purposes: In situations that require you have a standby node available with a backup of your running VM’s(…)

ZFS Remote Replication Script

Here is a ZFS replication script I found that works extremely well to automatically snapshot ZFS datasets. Kudos to the author Ryan Kernan for writing it. It also does the following: Maintains a certain number of snapshots and automatically deletes the old ones when they expire. Automatically ZFS sends incremental snapshots to a remote target ZFS(…)

SmartOS KVM Screencast – part 1

Lets get going with a SmartOS demo! In the following Screencast Tutorial we will cover:   Editing our JSON payload with settings for a new Virtual Machine. Creating a new KVM Virtual Machine in SmartOS. Copying an ISO image to our new zone to be used for installation of the operating system. Booting our new(…)

SmartOS – Fundamentals

Ready to get started with creating Virtual Machine’s in SmartOS? Not so fast, before we jump in and get started, its important to have a good understanding of some of the fundamental concepts surrounding how SmartOS works and the tools we use to manage the system. Ensuring that a solid understanding of the foundations of SmartOS(…)