Project FiFo API via Python Client

In this article we will cover installing “PyFi” which is Project FiFo’s Python based console client that enables remote interaction and control of your FiFo cloud via the FiFo API. This is incredibly useful tool and can be used as an alternative method to orchestrate your FiFo cloud via your own in-house web interface. Alternatively(…)

Project FiFo SSH Key Screencast

This is a very quick screencast to demo the integrated ssh key management in Project-FiFo. Watch on you tube in HD 720P A quick demo showing integrated user key management and how ssh key login works with a newly created machine. Highlights: Shows where SSH public key should be added for individual users Demonstrates New(…)

Fukushima : Reality Dysfunction

Before we begin, let us ask the question “what if ?” Prior to examining the facts or coming to any conclusions, let us ask ourselves what if the reality of a disaster had already been established? What if the facts had already been scientifically verified and confirmed by the world’s best experts and credible scientists?(…)

SmartOS Project-FiFo 0.3.3 Release Screencast

This Project FiFo SmartOS Screencast covers: — New 0.3.3 Release — Watch on you tube in HD 720P Release Highlights Responsive vm details view New VM “about” page with live update notifications New global icon for service availability New web interface zones console VM package resizing VM custom metadata (alias, resolvers, description, color attributes) Add(…)