Project-FIFO – SmartOS GUI Screencast

Please Note: New FiFo 0.3 screencast released. Ver 0.2 is now depreciated. Today we are going to look at a demo of the pre-release version 0.2.0 of Project-FIFO, the amazing Open Source SmartOS Cloud management software, that allows you to manage all your SmartOS nodes via an intuitive browser based GUI interface. It is simply amazing(…)

FIFO: SmartOS GUI Web management is here.

ThIS version is outdated – please watch the new version 0.6.0 SCREENCAST : Today I want to talk about “Project FIFO“ FIFO is an amazing SmartOS data-centre management application. It is the brainchild of the very talented developer Heinz  N Gies(aka Licenser) who has spent a lot of time and dedication developing the myriad(…)

vmwebadm – SmartOS management via API

Today I want to talk about SmartOS multi node central management. When building your own SmartOS Cloud ‘s it is imperative to have some kind of central management or “Head Node” that can talk to all your nodes and manage them. The commercial product from Joyent called Smart Data Centre or SDC is what joyent(…)

SmartOS Network boot with PXE

One of the biggest benefits of SmartOS is that it does not require installation on a hard drive. It can be booted off CD, USB  device and over the network with PXE boot. In this article we are going to cover setting up a PXE Boot server that will boot our SmartOS Nodes over the network. Using(…)