SmartOS KVM Screencast – part 1

Lets get going with a SmartOS demo! In the following Screencast Tutorial we will cover:   Editing our JSON payload with settings for a new Virtual Machine. Creating a new KVM Virtual Machine in SmartOS. Copying an ISO image to our new zone to be used for installation of the operating system. Booting our new(…)

SmartOS – Fundamentals

Ready to get started with creating Virtual Machine’s in SmartOS? Not so fast, before we jump in and get started, its important to have a good understanding of some of the fundamental concepts surrounding how SmartOS works and the tools we use to manage the system. Ensuring that a solid understanding of the foundations of SmartOS(…)

SmartOS – Basic Setup

What you will need An Intel CPU with VT-x  and EPT support. e.g. Core i3, i5, i7 or newer Xeon’s & Celerons (AMD is not supported yet). If you are not sure check on the Intel site and verify your cpu has support for both VT-x  and EPT. A USB Flash Drive ( 1GB will do just fine)(…)

SmartOS – My journey

Today I want to talk about SmartOS. Before we begin, some background. For the past couple of years I have been exclusively using ZFS as my filesystem of choice primarily for data storage and as virtual machine datastores via NFS network shares for Vmware ESX. I have tested and used  mainly  Solaris based operating systems(…)