An overview of how to monitor any Windows service with Zabbix.

In this comprehensive screencast guide, we will cover how to monitor specific services on windows and alert and graph on them within Zabbix.

This is particularly useful if you have an important application installed on your windows server that has a dependent service that is required to always be in a running state. It is very useful to know when this service goes down and how frequently. In addition if required and assuming you have enabled remote commands on your zabbix agent, you could configure the zabbix server to restart the failed service automatically upon detection.

The great thing about this method is that it will work regardless of the application as long as it used a windows service. Below the video you will find all the code and commands used within the screencast to assist you in getting it to work in your own environments.

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  • Zabbix agent on windows configuration.
  • How to find a service from a port number and PID.
  • Zabbix server item setup.
  • Zabbix server trigger setup.
  • Testing and verifying that it works.

Code used in this screencast

zabbix_agentd.conf,"C:\Program Files\Zabbix Agent\services.exe"

copy services.exe to zabbix folder

copy c:\Windows\System32\services.exe "c:\Program Files\Zabbix Agent"\

find a windows PID from port number

netstat -o -n -a | findstr 0.0:1197


item configuration


trigger configuration