Lets get going with a SmartOS demo!

In the following Screencast Tutorial we will cover:


  • Editing our JSON payload with settings for a new Virtual Machine.
  • Creating a new KVM Virtual Machine in SmartOS.
  • Copying an ISO image to our new zone to be used for installation of the operating system.
  • Booting our new Virtual Machine and using the ISO image as our first boot device.
  • Retrieving the Vnc port settings for our running Virtual Machine
  • Connecting to our Virtual Machine’s console with a Vnc client & Installing the Operating System
  • Verifying ip address specified in JSON payload is passed to Virtual Machine via dhcp.
  • Preparing our JSON payload in order to Clone a new Virtual Machine instance from an existing zone.
  • Deploying new cloned Virtual Machines without using any additional disk space.
Here are the sample JSON files used in the screencast:  JSON Sample Files