SmartOS iPXE boot with pfSense

SmartOS iPXE boot with pfSense

TFTP Server Setup iPXE Configuration pfSense DHCP Setup Web Server Configuration PXE Boot in Action In a previous blog post we covered booting a full iso image using gPXE for etherboot. I was asked by some blog readers why, since development of gPXE stopped in 2010, did I not rather use the recommended iPXE boot(…)

Project FiFo SSH Key Screencast

This is a very quick screencast to demo the integrated ssh key management in Project-FiFo. Watch on you tube in HD 720P A quick demo showing integrated user key management and how ssh key login works with a newly created machine. Highlights: Shows where SSH public key should be added for individual users Demonstrates New(…)

SmartOS Project-FiFo 0.3.3 Release Screencast

This Project FiFo SmartOS Screencast covers: — New 0.3.3 Release — Watch on you tube in HD 720P Release Highlights Responsive vm details view New VM “about” page with live update notifications New global icon for service availability New web interface zones console VM package resizing VM custom metadata (alias, resolvers, description, color attributes) Add(…)

Blazingly Fast AFP on a SmartOS Zone

I recently came to the conclusion that my home openindiana ZFS storage servers could be put to much better use being repurposed as SmartOS compute nodes. If your ZFS storage servers are anything like mine, they sit with their cpu’s idle most of the time even when they are sending or receiving ZFS IO. With(…)