Migrate KVM SmartOS vm’s to remote Nodes

I am sure some of you are wondering how to migrate or move individual SmartOS Virtual Machines from one SmartOS Server Node to another. This may be necessary in certain situations such as: Backup and Disaster Recovery purposes: In situations that require you have a standby node available with a backup of your running VM’s(…)

ZFS Remote Replication Script

Here is a ZFS replication script I found that works extremely well to automatically snapshot ZFS datasets. Kudos to the author Ryan Kernan for writing it. It also does the following: Maintains a certain number of snapshots and automatically deletes the old ones when they expire. Automatically ZFS sends incremental snapshots to a remote target ZFS(…)

SmartOS – My journey

Today I want to talk about SmartOS. Before we begin, some background. For the past couple of years I have been exclusively using ZFS as my filesystem of choice primarily for data storage and as virtual machine datastores via NFS network shares for Vmware ESX. I have tested and used  mainly  Solaris based operating systems(…)